Monthly Archives: February 2013


XXIV Karat Wines website launch

After months of design, the 24 Karat Wines team is ready for launch. With the help of our brilliant design team, Gate 6, we are confident in releasing the best website available in the wine and spirits space. Be sure to check back for all our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts, all available to you in real time on our ‘All In’ page.


Doug Davis Golf Tournament/Miracle League sponsorship debut

24 Karat Wines was a proud sponsor of the Miracle League and the Doug Davis Celebrity Golf Tournament in Scottsdale, AZ this past November. XXIV Karat Grand Cuvee was the official Sparkling Wine of the event, and was available to all those who attended both the silent auction and the poker tournament. The event raised money for The Miracle League of Arizona, a charity that gives disabled children the chance to play baseball.