Grande Cuvée

Grande Cuvée

Looking for the next big thing? Then look no further than XXIV Karat Grande Cuvée, a crisp and refreshing Sparkling Wine infused with indulgent gold leaf. Sourced from our vineyard in Mendocino, California, this bubbly is sure to bring quality and excitement along side it’s golden effervescences. XXIV Karat is proud to lead the way in revolutionizing the Sparkling Wine space, which has been somewhat dry for decades, and ready for a new twist that captures the attention of a new generation and the celebratory lifestyle.




XXIV Karat fermentation takes place at our bottling facility in Lodi, California over a 3-week period, in which sugar and yeast is added to the wine in a large vat. Once the fermentation process is complete, XXIV Karat is bottled under pressure. This exhilarating and tropical sparkling wine is a blend of multiple varietals, vintages and California Coastal appellations to assure the consistent quality of every bottle.




XXIV Karat has created a crowd pleasing Grande Cuvée at an exceptional value; pale straw in color with a medium-dry palate that is not too dry and not too sweet, with fine beads of bubbles and substantial mousy foam. This light and crisp wine has a good balance between tree and toast, ending in a pleasing finish. The nose is fresh and clean with attractive scents of pear and pineapple nuances that leap out of this sparkler with lively flavors of crisp, green apple and blanched almonds. A toasty, coconut finish confirms the nose being bright and vivacious, inviting the next sip and completes our classic Grande Cuvée Brut Sparkling Wine. This bubbly is the perfect choice for any and every occasion, from anniversaries to weddings, and a gift that is sure to make an impression. XXIV Karat is the go-to brand for status, glamour, and fun; and embodies the celebratory lifestyle for all to enjoy.


The golden flakes in each bottle of XXIV Karat are verified real gold. Certified for use as a food decoration, our edible gold is considered biologically inert, therefor the body does not absorb the gold when consumed and will pass it through after 48 hours without causing any harm or reaction. Thus making XXIV Karat a safe option for flashy fun and memorable moments, solidifying its place as the indulgent lifestyle beverage.


Appelation:    Sparkling Wine Vintage:    NV
Size:    750ml & 187ml Wine Alcohol:    11%
Varietal(s):    Sparkling Blend RS:    20g/l
   – 75% Chardonnay Acidity:    .6 g/100ml
   – 25% seasonal blend to
maintain consistency
P/H:    3.3