Is it safe to consume gold

The golden flakes in each bottle of XXIV Karat Grande Cuvée are made from real, sparkling gold. Certified for use as food decoration and as a safe food import, our gold has been tested to prove its consistency, efficiency, purity and hygienic packaging. Our gold undergoes further scrutiny in order to pass European LGA health and safety standards, as well as being halal and kosher certified, and our supplier continues to uphold to strict quality control standards, which they have been doing for more than 145 years. The gold in our sparkling wine is beaten to a thickness of 0.000125mm and is considered “biologically inert.” This means the body does not absorb the gold when consumed and it will pass after 24 hours without causing any harm or reaction.

Drinks and dishes using edible gold can be found in some of the most sophisticated restaurants and nightclubs around the globe. The gold used in XXIV Karat is a safe option for flashy fun and an indulgent lifestyle. When you live life all in, it’s all about stylish luxury and a glamorous good time.

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